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 Marsha Jones

Local Office: 705-743-7364 or 1-800-421-7685; Office Fax: 705-743-3125

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Who Can I Contact When…

All HR contacts can be found in Human Resources Service Contacts via the KPR website:
Who can I talk to about taking a leave of absence? An OT must request a Leave of Absence through Ann Talbot, the Elementary OT specialist at the Board Office if you will be unavailable to teach for a period longer than 20 consecutive days. Leaves can be for periods up to one year. You are required to include the beginning and end dates of the leave in your request.
Upon the completion of the leave, your name would be returned to the OT list. Electronic communication is acceptable. Under our new agreement (2014-2017) the board will consider extensions to your leave of absence for more than a year.
Who do I contact about deductions on my paystub, not getting paid, ROE requests? Contact the payroll clerk for your panel found via Human Resources Service Contacts.
I’ve just started an LTO. Can anyone tell me who I might contact to discuss the pay categories that I am in? You will need to speak with the HR Specialist for your panel found in the Human Resources Service Contacts. Please be sure that your QECO evaluation is up-to-date and has been submitted to the Board. If you have not yet received your evaluation, you will be paid at the lowest category. The deadline for receipt of the QECO statement is June 30 of the school year in which you completed your LTO.
Who do I contact regarding an upcoming maternity leave, change of address, unavailability, etc.? Contact the OT specialist for your panel found via Human Resources Service Contacts.
What is the fax number for the payroll department? The fax number is 705 760 8654. Please address your fax to the payroll clerk for your panel found via Human Resources Service Contacts.  When faxing a timesheet, also send the hardcopy via courier.
Who do I contact for Technical Support- Classroom Lorna Izzard
Technical Application Support Specialist – Classroom
Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
1-877-741-4577 or 742-9773 Ext. 2372
I have received my QECO evaluation. Who do I forward it to in the Board? The current contact for Occasional Teachers is Ann Talbot.  You can either fax her the form attention Ann Talbot at 705-760-8654 or send a copy (not the original) to her in the school courier.
Who do we contact to see what courses are coming up? For EFTO courses, check the website or contact Virginia McMillian.
For KPR courses, check PD place.
Who do I contact to add an AQ course to my board profile? Contact the HR Specialist for your panel found in the Human Resources Service Contacts once it’s been posted at OCT.CA.
Who do I contact to change my name The current contact for this type of information in KPR is Ann Talbot (HR). She can be contacted through Outlook. Current as of January 2017.
I just noticed an error on my last pay cheque. Who should I contact about correcting it?

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Please contact Kelsey Mather at the Board Office 877 741 4577 ext 2224. Current HR OT Payroll as of January 2017.


Please note: if you are aware of any staffing changes to the board office once you have contacted someone, let us know and we’ll update it on here. Email