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EasyConnect (ATE) Specific Questions

What are the regular call-out times for EasyConnect? Regular Call Out Times for EasyConnect are as follows:
Monday to Friday Morning Call Out is 6:00 am to 15% into the job
Sunday to Thursday Evening Call Out is 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm.There is no call out on a Saturday.Holidays have Evening Call Out from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm.
Do I need a “1” in front of my contact number? No, you do not.
Will the system keep calling me if I already have a job? It will not call you for the same time period as the position that you have accepted. It may call for future positions.
Why does Apply to Education call me 10 minutes after a job has started? Do I accept? Late calls are jobs that are still unfilled.  Accept the job and call the school to advise what time you will arrive.
What if I still have other questions about Apply to Education? 1-877-900-5627 Monday to Friday: 7:30 AM – 7 PM EST
How do I make myself unavailable in ATE‐EasyConnect? Log in to ATE and click ‘my calendar’ in the Occasional Employees section.  Click “add an event” and follow the prompts/instructions.


How do I get Apply to Education to stop calling me when I’m on an LTO? Congratulations on the LTO!  Go to MyCalendar and “create an event” to make yourself unavailable for the duration of the LTO. In the case of LTOs with no determined end date, you will need to estimate and adjust as necessary. The Collective Agreement is clear, that unavailability due to being in an LTO does not count as part of your “unavailability maximum”. If your LTO ends or is extended, remember that you will have to make this change in availability at that time.
Why am I not getting any calls? September is the slowest month for supply work, as are the days leading up to and after a holiday. Make sure you have many schools listed in your profile (e.g. all schools within an hour’s drive) and are classified to teacher all grades K-8, including Spec. Ed and French.
Does Apply to Education call out alphabetically? Call outs are NOT alphabetical. They are based upon a rotational list of who said they would go that school and that grade.
Can I cancel a job within 72 hours of the job start? How do I do it?  It would be preferred if you did not cancel any jobs. However if you have to cancel, do so as quickly as you can to get the job back into the system.

If you cancel a job you will not be able to accept work from the job board for that period of time. You will continue to be called for jobs, so make yourself unavailable if you are not interested in other work for that time period.

However, if you have job A today, then accept job B tonight and the school with job A has an extended day(s) and for continuity would like you to return, then reassignment within the board would allow you to cancel the new job to take over the one requiring continuity.

Before February 2017, in order to cancel a prearranged assignment, you must email the advising of the reason for the cancellation.  The dispatch operator will then re‐open the job. As a courtesy, it is also a good idea to email the principal.

As of February 2017 there will be a new, easier method for job cancellation that should allow you to cancel your assignment in ATE.

How long does a school have to cancel job assignments? If a job is cancelled with less than 2 hours’ notice and you report to work, you will be paid for 1/2 day. You must show up to the school in order to be paid for the half day. The school will likely keep you and use you for prep payback. Please contact the OT President for assistance with this.
When I was hired I was not eligible to take jobs in Peterborough or Northern Area of the Board.  Am I now able to add schools in this area to my profile? Yes. OTs have the opportunity to make changes twice a year.  Changes will be able to be made for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the year (August/September) and a couple of weeks part way through (likely in January). The school board will let us know when this is available each year.   After September 30, your profile will be locked and you will only be able to remove schools if there are extenuating circumstances.   These requests must be emailed to the
Is there a temporary “Do Not Call” feature in EasyConnect? No.  This feature is not available in ATE‐EasyConnect.  If you are not available to receive calls, you must make yourself unavailable.   If you are temporarily busy and miss a call, you will also receive an email of the assignment you were offered. You can then log in to ATE and review your call archive or call the system back if you cannot go online (1 855 279 3279 and our Board ID is 19).  If the job has not been accepted by another employee you will be able to accept it.
I just received a call and it did not specify a grade, it just said Junior.  How will I know what grade I am teaching? ATE contacts teachers based on OCT qualifications, which are automatically uploaded to ATE.   Absent employees may enter the grade level, along with any other important information in the “additional information” box.
How does the job board work on ATE? Unfilled jobs for the current work day will start appearing on ATE at 7am.
I got into my ATE account within the required 3 minutes, but the job is no longer available. What happened? One of the following things may have happened:

1.     The previous person(s) accepted it after their allotted 3 minutes.

2.     It has been slightly longer than 3 minutes and the next person in line accepted it.

3.     It’s after 7 am and it has been posted on ATE for all to see, someone else may accept it before you.

4. Multiple calls are made by ATE simultaneously. If another OT accepts the position, it will no longer be available to you.

When I key in my EIN (Employee Identification Number) number to accept a job, I was disconnected. ATE‐EasyConnect is different than Smartfind. When accepting a job you must press the # key not the star key. The star key will disconnect you from the system.
ATEEasyConnect has offered me a job but I missed the call or text.  How long do I have before the system will call or text someone else? The system will wait 3 minutes before it will move on to the next occasional.  However at any time you can check your account to see if the job is still available.
 I’ve heard that I can be removed from the list if I cancel jobs within 72 hours. Is this true?  I am pasting parts of our collective agreement in here to help with this one. The main idea is that you can’t cancel a job with our board to accept work in another board on the same day. Please sift through the following to help you understand:

L7.06 Removal From The List

  1. An Occasional Teacher’s name shall remain on the List from year to year until the Occasional Teacher requests removal in writing, unless removed by the Employer for one of the following reasons: v. Failure to comply on three (3) occasions with the 72 hour notification process for cancellation of a pre-determined daily assignment, pursuant to Article 12.07, following notification, on each occasion, by the Employer to the Employee and the Local President.

L12.07 When an Occasional Teacher accepts a pre-arranged daily assignment such assignment will not be cancelled by the Occasional Teacher within seventy-two (72) hours preceding the commencement of the assignment in order to accept a different daily assignment or accept an assignment in another school board jurisdiction unless agreed to by the Board.