Board Policies and Procedures

Can you decline a half day without penalty? Half day cancellations would fall into the category of Article 12.07 of the Collective Agreement. This Article talks about cancelling jobs within 72 hours of the beginning of the job to accept another assignment. Though there is no negative response to declining a half day assignment, Article 12.07 would apply to cancellations
Is this 72 working hours? The 72 hour requirement is in real hours.
I am not qualified to teach French but can I still take French jobs? Each of the students speaks English and the teachers are so happy to have someone cover the class that they leave great plans. If you have ANY knowledge of French, I’d recommend that you give the immersion classes a try.
As Occasional Teachers, requirement of specific qualifications to cover subject areas do not apply on a day to day basis. If an OT is called who does not have the specific qualifications preferred, it’s an indication that the teachers who are qualified in that subject are not available.
What is the protocol if it turns out to be a snow day on the day you are booked to supply? The attached guidelines apply to OTs on a Long Term Assignment. That is to say, if you are on a Long Term assignment and cannot get to the school in which you would normally work, it is appropriate to go to the nearest school. As the weather clears, it is expected that you would travel to your regular work site as outlined in the guideline. If you cannot get to your school or an alternate site, you would be required to complete the form as mentioned in the guideline and absences would be applied to personal leave credits, where possible.

Daily OTs should call the school to which they have been assigned and follow the direction of the administration. If you cannot get to that school, it is not appropriate to go to an alternate site.

Your safety is an important consideration. If there is a specific issue about which you are concerned, please don’t hesitate to call the OT President.

What do I do if it is an Inclement Weather Day and I’m not able to drive due to the weather? Due to the new changes in our call out system, we do not have an option to decline due to inclement weather (as of yet). Please contact the absence dispatch operator at and advise her of the reason. Please also notify the school by phone as soon as possible.
Why did EasyConnect call me on a snow day? Some schools are still running as they have students who are not on buses. Call the school to verify the job is valid and, if you feel safe, get to the school when you can.
What is the protocol around Fifth’s Disease in schools? Schools have been asked to identify the incidence of Fifth’s Disease in their schools on EasyConnect. Pregnant teachers are requested to decline these positions.
Can schools have preferred lists? EXCEPTION CRITERIA
Effective September 1, 2009, exceptions will only be allowed in accordance with the following criteria;
It is the understanding of Human Resources and the union that the use of preferred lists is for the filling of vacancies where it would be prudent to predetermine the replacement. Examples include:
– challenging classrooms for which a novice OT would be unprepared
– where safety is an issue, for any reason, including equipment, student behaviour, etc.
– where an unexpected absence becomes prolonged (for classroom continuity)
– where there is a repeated absence expected (for classroom continuity where the teacher being replaced will attend regularly scheduled meetings)
– where availability of specially qualified OTs is limited (French, Tech, etc.)

Preferred lists for classes meeting the criteria above should be set up in EasyConnect. The system will be monitored for compliance. KPR staff is very quick to intervene if they know of a situation where positions are being pre-arranged. EasyConnect records do indicate when a position is arranged beyond the call-out system.

Who do we put as our supervisor in the reference section of job applications? You would include the name of a principal with whom you have frequently worked. (Please make sure you contact the principal prior to using their name as a reference).
Do I have to follow the lesson plan left by the teacher? I have been receiving reports that OTs are not following the lesson plan left by the teacher but are opting to do other activities – including sports? – I cannot stress enough that the work of the OT is to follow that plan – in the past where that has occurred, there has been a disciplinary meeting that sometimes results in the OT being blocked from that school – blockages will limit your daily and LTO availability and are a poor reference for getting full time jobs – so be sure to follow the plan that has been left – if you are unable to locate the plan, please contact the school principal or vice-principal.
Where can I access my paystub on-line? To access pay stub on-line you go to STAFF on KPR home page and click on MYKPR on the drop down menu. You may have to continually remove pop-up blocker and temporarily allow pop-ups if you find you cannot proceed with the steps I provide. When MYKPR screen appears you will have to log on. When you have logged on, there will be a menu on left hand side; you need to click on HR (Human Resources). You will (may) have to log on again. On the new screen, there will be 3 choices in top left corner, click on Employee. There will be a drop down menu, click on Personal. It will drop down another menu with pay stub. Click on pay stub. Finally, click on the blue arrow beside the box in upper right area that says “Employee Group”. Click on which employee group you wish (either Elementary or Secondary). Whichever group you then click on should provide you with all of your pay-stub particulars.
Can a daily OT or someone in an LTO apply for summer school positions? OTs can apply to summer school postings. They will be competing with Contract teachers but they are certified and qualified to do those jobs.
Can I send a note home if something important happened during the school day? NO. Unless there is a specific communication folder that you are instructed to comment in, do not send notes home. There may be situations you could not know about due to the nature of daily supply. Leave the information for the classroom teacher and they will deal with it appropriately.
If a job I applied for is revised, do I need to apply again? As long as the actual posting number remains the same, you do not need to apply again. If the revision is caused by a change in the “required qualifications” and applications have already been forwarded, I would advise the Principal that some of the applicants previously forwarded may not be qualified and must be screened at their end.
When a posting is “rescinded” for whatever reason, the posting number and criteria relating to that position changes and you must apply again in order to be in the competition.
Is the school # provided when we accept a job? The secretary will usually fill it out, or tell you if you ask. If you log on to MyKPR, and open the “School directory for internal purposes” from the left hand drop down list of directories, you will find a list of schools, including the school number, which is the three digit number found in the middle of the left hand column for each school.
Is the “percentage of the day worked” provided when we accept a job? For elementary OTs, you want to put either .5, .667, or 1.0 in this space. .5 is 150 min instructional time, .667 is 200 minutes instructional time (you don’t see 2/3 all that often). You’ll get to know which it is pretty quickly, but you can calculate it out once you know the school’s schedule if you need to.
What goes in the “Authorized Signature” spot? The head secretary or principal signs for each day’s work.
Are we supposed to do anything with the letter codes provided in the top-right corner? (S-Short Term, L-Long Term, PD-Professional Development, etc.) For regular supply work, it’s S for short-term.
EasyConnect lists one start time and the school website lists a different time. How do I know what the school start time is? Use the start time in EasyConnect. Also, read over the Notes left by the classroom teacher in case of any changes to the schedule.
How do I know if I’ve completed this year’s annual criminal defense declaration? If you cannot remember if you have already completed your declaration, log into HR Online – the system will not let you do it twice. The board is unable to check this for you. You must do it yourself.
Can I accept a job for tomorrow even though I might be late? (The school is 2 hours away, buses on the road, weather etc.) Absolutely not. It is understandable that things can go wrong, but if you know ahead of time that you may not be able to make it on time (15 minutes before job starts) to a job that is calling out in the evening, do not take that job. The school can see what time and what day you accepted a job. You are only allowed to accept a job where you may be late if that job is posted on the conference the morning of the job as a last minute unfilled job (provided you contact the school and advise of your ETA).