The FAQs on this page relate directly to Daily Supply work.

Daily Supply Related Questions
If the teacher has left nothing what do I do with my prep period? Some ideas:
-prepare for upcoming lessons
-go to the library to see if they need books shelved
-organize books on the shelves if they are out of order
-offer to read with primary students
-offer some tutoring in other subjects
-catch up on your work e-mail
-read a professional journal or do professional research
What are the expectations if there is a prep period at the end of the day and I have completed all the required work? When a job is offered through the EasyConnect system a beginning and end time is identified. Occasional Teachers must remain at the school for the duration of the assignment.

The Education Act, Regulation 298, Section 20 (g) Duties of Teachers states that a teacher shall “ensure that all reasonable safety procedures are carried out in courses and activities for which the teachers are responsible.” This includes the safe dismissal of students at the end of the school day (if your assignment concludes at the end of the day). All students must be dismissed prior to the departure of the Occasional Teacher.

What do I do if I am asked to cover another class during a prep period? Example:

An OT finds a message on a day plan, indicating that during the regular teacher’s planning/prep period, the OT should go to the office and ask the principal what classroom they are assigned to during that time, presumably to give prep coverage to another teacher. The position is not listed as a vacancy, but as a full day of coverage for a specific teacher.

In the situation you describe, there is a definite conflict with the Collective Agreement (Article L12.03). The work you do in a prep period is defined by you. Your first obligation is to prepare for the classroom in which you are working. If assignments from earlier in the day need to be marked, that is appropriate. If you need to familiarize yourself with material for future class activities, that is a major part of your responsibility.

What are the rates of pay for a daily OT? As of February 2, 2017.

Full day = $228.04 —————————— 8 hours
2/3 day 0.66 x $228.04 = $150.51 —— 5.28 hours
0.5 day 0.50 x $228.04 = $114.02 ——– 4 hours

What do I do if I have been asked to cover 2 lunch/recess duties during one school day? The OT Collective Agreement (Article L12.02) states that each occasional Teacher shall have available a daily lunch period of not less than forty (40) uninterrupted and consecutive minutes free from supervision, teaching, or other assigned duties.
How many days can I make myself unavailable for Daily Supply? According to Article L7.03 in our OT Collective Agreement, an OT will only be eligible to make themselves unavailable for work in the Teacher Dispatch System for up to one hundred (100) days per school year.


However, if it is less than 20 consecutive days, the OT is responsible for making themselves unavailable in EasyConnect. If it is more than 20 consecutive days, it will be considered a Leave of Absence (Article 17.01) and subject to approval from the board.