The FAQs on this page are specific to teachers in an LTO.

LTO Specific Questions
Is “experience gained” the same as “seniority”? The only time that OT experience is used is during a tie breaker is when two people were hired at the same time for a contract. Fear not however, your time worked is reflected on the pay scale via experience. Experience is not seniority.
What constitutes an LTO position? The position becomes an LTO on the 10th day (see Article L11.02 part (b) The pay at grid rate is retroactive to the first day of the day of the assignment.
How do I start getting paid as an LTO? The school will need to complete a ‘change of status’ form so you will be paid at your grid rate until the end of the LTO.
Can LTOs in a .5 apply for LTO jobs with more time? Can I leave one LTO for another that has a later end date? Unfortunately, the OT Collective Agreement (Article L8.03) does not allow a person working in an LTO to leave one LTO to pursue another.  You can apply for additional LTOs that fit with your schedule and add up to no more than 1.0.
What are the expectations if there is a prep period at the end of the day and I have completed all the required work? When a job is offered through the EasyConnect system, a beginning and end time is identified. Occasional Teachers must remain at the school for the duration of the assignment.

The Education Act, Regulation 298, Section 20 (g) Duties of Teachers states that a teacher shall “ensure that all reasonable safety procedures are carried out in courses and activities for which the teachers are responsible.” This includes the safe dismissal of students at the end of the school day (if your assignment concludes at the end of the day). All students must be dismissed prior to the departure of the Occasional Teacher.

Do you get sick days while on an LTO? Yes. The days are prorated. You can check your current allotment by going into the section of HR where you can view your paystub and click on Absence.
Can I take a personal day while on an LTO for a doctor’s appointment for example? ETFO article L18.04 (elementary)

A long term occasional teacher may be granted two (2) days leave of absence without pay during the term of the occasional teacher’s assignment for the purpose of attending to personal needs. Arrangements for such leave shall be made with the Principal.

Note: with our latest agreement (2014-2017), an OT in an LTO may use a sick day for a medical appointment or dental appointment for themselves.

What are the rates of pay for an LTO? An LTO’s rate of pay is based on your QECO rating (A1 to A4) and your current years of experience with the school board. Please see attached picture for the current rates.

2017 Grid for Rate of Pay