Collective-Agreement 2014-2017

Collective Agreement 2008-2012

Constitution 2014

Regulation 274 Education Act Hiring Practices

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Federation Forms

Violent Incident Form: Please note, in the past there were several different forms to fill out. Now, you are able to fill out one that goes to both the board and the union. To find the appropriate form, please go to, go to the staff link, click on KPR on the web (formerly myKPR), and click on the quick forms along the top list. Fill out the Workplace Violence Form. Feel free to print a copy for yourself before you hit the send button. 

PD Reimbursement Form: Please hand in after course completion.

 Executive Nomination Form

KPRDSB Board Forms

Learning Goals and Success Criteria Template

Other Forms

OTIP brochure

CAS Allegations Information: What to do if it happens to you

 Progressive Discipline Chart

End of Day Note Option 1

End of Day Note Option 2

 End of Day Note Option 3

End of Day Note Principal

 Dependent Care Form

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