Unavailable Classroom  Key Report

It is imperative that an occasional teacher is provided a key for each assignment. Your key is a much needed safety tool. In the event of a lockdown or a hold-and-secure it is essential that you are able to lock your classroom door for the safety of your students and yourself.

In the event that you are not provided a key please complete the Unavailable Classroom Key Reporting form

This form should be completed each time you are not given a key, even if you have already reported the same school recently. The form goes to the KPR OT ETFO president and the health and safety representative. The form is anonymous. We will use this information to follow up with Human Resources to make sure that in the future occasional teachers are provided with a key.

Thank you for keeping us informed about this important health and safety issue.

Click here to access the Unavailable Classroom Key Reporting form.